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About Us

Eureka labs ltd is a well known enterprise in Northern India. It has been producing ayurvedic medicines beneficial for human health and beauty since 1989. The company has its base in Ghaziabad and has a long channel spread across the country from Jammu & Kashmir in North to Chhatisgarh and Orissa. We try to use the most of our ancient secrets of Ayurveda and make products for the betterment of human health. Our product Health Up is a very famous weight gain product that we had launched 3 years back. Eureka lab ltd always consults the Ayurvedic experts to ensure that product is made with utmost care and is made perfectly.Our services also apply patient-care-driven testing approaches, establish clinically proven test utilization strategies, and advance the integration of community health care delivery.

Our Mission
Our mission is to find solutions of human problems by providing comprehensive outreach support, clinical expertise, and a better choice of medicine that facilitate community-based health care.