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Healthup Capsule for Weight Gain 180 Caps Blister Pack

Healthup Capsule for Weight Gain 180 Caps Blister Pack

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Eureka HEALTH UP Capsules is a patent & proprietary medicine of Eureka Labs Limited developed & formulated in 1989 by in-house technical team under the able guidance of Dr. S.K Sharma (B.A.M.S) & Mr. N.C Garg (M.Pharma) by using 15 ancient herbs in the capsule dosage form.

Eureka HEALTH UP Capsules cleans the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion, cures constipation, boosts liver function which results in digestion of intake food and helps in natural WEIGHT GAIN.

Uses: This medicine is useful for improvement of the digestion system and helps in weight gain to children, teenagers, ladies and gents of all age groups 

DOSAGE : (For Adult)   1 capsule with breakfast & 1 capsule with dinner with water daily 

DOSAGE : (For children 8-14 yrs of age) 1 capsule with dinner with water daily 

Course:- 3 months duration for optimum results or as directed by the physician 

Diet:- High Protein Diet,Two Bananas with seasonal fruits, sprouts, Dry Fruit, Fish/Whole Egg, Yoghurt, 50gm DESI GHEE in Cereals/Rice and full cream milk daily will help in weight gain. Diet chart & Exercise schedule should be followed.

Drink 4 litres of normal/warm water daily to hydrate the body and remove toxins naturally

Avoid PIZZA, BURGER, COLD DRINK, FAST FOOD & High Spices Food Items.

Free Consultation with Dr. S.K. Sharma, B.A.M.S (Scholar of Kanpur University) having active experience of 46 years is available on submission of the patient registration form available at 

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